Simple F360 question

Look, I’m the 1st to complain about all the idiotic things Autodesk did with Fusion 360. The biggest failing is to not make it truly user friendly. As Paul McWhorter says, "If you’re unable to move a body or component, it’s probably because it’s constrained. You have to identify which constraint is preventing movement & (temporarily at least) delete it."

Wonderful! How ‘bout a freakin’ hint Autodesk?! If you detect someone’s trying to move a body, but it’s being prevented by 1 or more constraints, pop up a hint window to tell the user. Better yet, identify which constraints might be causing the issue & include them in the popup. I mean, seriously, you guys need to go to User Friendliness School, where you can learn to empathize with your customers. Seriously!

OK, rant over. I have a really dumb question. Whenever I watch a tutorial video for F360, the instructor will start a sketch, pick the plane they want to work on, and the screen will automatically jump to the top view of that plane. Mine doesn’t. It goes to the plane alright, but it doesn’t jump to the top view on it’s own. It stays in a perspective view.
It’s really dumb, but it’s annoying the sh*# out of me that I have to click on TOP every single time I start a sketch. I couldn’t find anything applicable in the settings. Can anyone tell me how to get this working?

#Ender5r Trying to recreate the problem. So the only ways I can jump to the top view is by clicking on the floor of the glass box or clicking on the top of the navigation box top-right of drawing window. Being an Autodesk product, it has a bunch of hidden keyboard shortcuts; printable pdf here:…FAC30-htm.html
But maybe the guy used a preset key or just edited the vid to speed things up. I have not used F360 much so remain happily ignorent of its failings.