Should i be using Cura or Prusa instead of Flashprint?

Hi, I am relatively new to 3D printing and have found your channel very helpful (thank you!). I live in Jerusalem and own a FlashForge Adventurer 3. It comes with slicer software called “Flashprint” which at the moment seems to definitely do the trick. I learned from the youtube videos about these other slicers and I was wondering if I should be trying out these other slicers or if the Flashpoint software is “good enough” and I don’t need to experiment with this area of 3D printing much. Thoughts? what differences would I expect to find if any?

You definitely want to learn Cura or Prusa slicer eventually as there are many tutorials to do sophisticated things out there (better supports). I don’t know this slicer, but it seems well organized. For now, I’d stick with Flashprint and get to know your hardware (and filaments).

Welcome to making!


I, too, recommend using Flashprint, at least for now. FlashForge is a very reputable company and I suspect their slicer, like their printers, is well crafted. You should also consider that, should you need to call for support, they are likely only willing to help you with Flashprint.