Runout sensor saved my print

I used the runout sensors on both my S1 Pro & S1 Plus, last night I was printing a 15 hour print when I got up this morning to check on it the filament had broken off at the spool. The printer paused waiting for me to replace the filament. It had cooled down the hot end so I had to wait a few minutes for it to heat back up, inserted the filament, pressed resume and off it went.

On other printers that I had with them I always bypassed them because they caused more problems than they were worth like putting to much tension on the filament.

I lost multi hour prints because of the the runout sensors on the Monoprice MP10 and the MP10 Mini, keep getting an Out of filament error for no reason. Monoprice tech support say it might be the sensor or cabling, neither of which thy have in stock. So yes I removed the sensors, but really one only needs to pull out the plug on the sensor,… but I just got them out of the way.

Good to know yours are working as they should !