retration at end of print

Having trouble with bed leveling. Watched the Dr.Vax video. Have Ender5+ (w Bowden tube)

When using Cura (have 4.7) is there a way to retract the filament after each print since it seems to be necessary to bed level after each print. The filament oozes out of the nozzle and hardens and it’s difficult to slide a piece of paper underneath to test for proper distance. I’m assuming if I retract after each print there will be no left over oozing.

Yes. You can add a G1 E-x.xx Fxxxx to the End G-Code in Cura. You can find it in Settings/Printer/Manage Printers/Machine Settings. As an example you could add G1 E-6 F45 to the end code, to retract the filament 6mm @ 45mm/sec.

Small detail: You should level your bed with a hot nozzle and a hot bed to compensate the expansion of the metal during print.