Repeated print of part stopped working

I have been printing a part, this may be the 4th or 5th print of it and it no longer prints to completion. Somewhere after the bottom layers the nozzle picks up the part and spins it around and builds up a blob as in the enclosed image.

I have leveled the plate both manually and with the automated setting and it isn’t better. I don’t think this is the problem as the first full layers always print. Maybe it has something to do with the number of layers but it starts this blob at different layers.

Could it be a nozzle issue and I need to replace or clean the nozzle?

Thanks in advance.

To start I would wash the build plate with some Dawn and hot water, I use a scrubber sponge that is only used for cleaning my build plates. I normally do this after every 7 prints or so. In between I wipe the plate down good with 90% IPA.

I agree with Gramps. If that doesn’t work, there is step nr 2: I would suggest you then stay close to it and see what actually happens, even make a vid of it. I had similar problems with my leaky heatbreak creating blobs and then the nozzle would either grab a blob and create an even greater blob, or knock the print off the bed. My printer was under warranty and had other issues, so it was sent back and they fixed this issue. I still have blobs, but way less than before.

Thank you for your response. We don’t use dawn and if it is important enough I will get some this afternoon. I don’t have any unused scrub pads and will also get some this afternoon.

Can I use a product like softscrub instead with very hot water? This I have and can do it now.

I use Dawn but I would think that any good dish washing soap would be fine. For a sponge scrubber I use these I also have. a microfiber towel that I only use to dry the plate after I wash it.

Never used Softscrub so I can say if it will work or not.

Found a new scrubber pad, used my detergent, and it seems to be working. Printing layer 40/76. Thanks for the help, much appreciated.

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If you suspect the nozzle and it hasn’t been replaced for a while, I would consider changing it as it is such a simple procedure. Regular build plate cleaning as described in earlier replies is something I would recommend as well.