Printer make globs of PLA on the nozzle

I’m using a 0.06 nozzle and I keep getting globs of PLA build up on the Nozzle. The glob eventually falls off into my print.
I set the retraction to 3 but no success. Anyone have an ideal?

It’s an Ender 3V2
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The nozzle is leaking at the upper end. This happens when the heat pipe is not flush against the Nozzle.

Between the nozzle and the heat pipe is a gap inside the heater block and the filament leaks out of the thread downwards.

Did you do a recent nozzle change?

Yes I did change the whole hot end. So after I posted this I put the 0.4 nozzle back in and problem is gone. It’s the 0.6 nozzle leaking.
@Geit , You are right. The silicone boot had tons of melted PLA inside.

Thanks for your help