PrusaSlicer vs Cura Slide Deck

OK I got the speeds about the same but need help. The photos compare a sting test sliced in Cura and PrusaSlicer along with there Gcode viewer. ASs you can see the PrusaSlicer produces better results. Micro-swiss all metal hot end and DD, temperature and speeds and retraction setting are the same (200 deg PLA 1mm at 45mm/s. The other stringing photo is sliced in Cura at the same settings. not perfect but much better. The results lead me to believe that the point of retraction and detraction leads to the discrepancies in the stringing and the effect is only noticeable when the tower is very thin. The results suggest that there is a difference between the two but I have idea what this is, any suggestions welcome.



Both of their Gcode generators are working differently. Somehow they must provide a full editable gcode generator. I believe this would solve most of the common printing problems after a slicer is getting an update from the provider. If you test it after an update without change ANYTHING is the options, checking that all options are still the same and no new option is added, you’ll get slightly different results.

Thank you Irv, for this excellent video and the pdf file for us to reference. I really enjoy your teaching style and I always love that we “Learn Something Together”. I love keeping my brain active.