Out of the box

Sad to say, I have NO electronic experience, so I need a little help to figure out if I can
turn this working (but redundant) UV light array (from an Elegoo Mars pro) into an external UV curing light. I’m hoping
it’s possible to power it via a USB power-bank or a battery. I don’t want to use it mains powered.
IS this possible? Can anyone tell from the pictures?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Well, basically the small PCB is a probably just power converter. It converts 12/24/48V to 5V/12V for the LEDs. It is not required to light up the LEDs on their own.

However without any real numbers it is only try and error. The LED panel may work on a power bank directly, but you should for sure not get a cheap one as the LEDs may bump up the current above what the power bank can handle and cheap power banks do not have any safety circuits.

Also direct UV light is not healthy at all. So the use without proper goggles is dangerous and can cause eye damage just like lasers.

Just to confirm, this is for curing resin prints?

Hi Gelt
Interesting, and makes sense. I may have a go at bypassing the board. As I don’t have an voltmeter/ammeter myself, I’ll wait until I can get it measured properly.
Considering how cheap uv nail curing lamps are on eBay, I’m thinking I’ll order one of those for the time being.

Yep, I’m building an enclosure. Plan to keep safe as possible.

@ Ender5r
Yes, it’s for post curing my resin prints.