OK, like WOW, just WOW

Check this out: [U]https://www.mosaicmfg.com/products/array[/U]. I recommend watching the 1st video on the page. You only have to scroll down a little bit. Click on the button labelled Watch.

And, on a more reasonable note, here is a more modest member of Mosaic’s new equipment line, due out the 4th quarter 2021: The Element HT [U]https://www.mosaicmfg.com/products/element-ht[/U]. The HT stands for High Temperature (500C). It can print materials we can only dream about.

It’s not a true hobbyist printer – it’s priced @ $10,000 US – but it does appear to really be a 3D printer that’s very close to being an appliance. If I won the lottery…

I was thinking about your “appliance” analogy when I watched it. $10,000? maybe I should buy two. Get them different colours.

As you said that’s amazing! I worked with it a couple of times and just wow, it blows your mind

I thought that product line wasn’t coming out until this fall.

I didn’t find their web site very informative. What kind of plastic needs 500 C?

I don’t know of a filament that requires a full 500C, but PEEK filament requires 360C to 400C.

$450/kilo plus shipping from the factory? A $10,000 printer to print it? It makes me wonder how they make that plastic and from what. I do see that it could be useful to print complicated parts to fix a machine or prototype.

It might seem expensive, but of course it all depends. If you’re repairing a $100,000 machine that’s costing your company $1,000 per hour that it’s down (not to mention the hit to your company’s reputation for not delivering product on time) having a $10,000 printer on hand and $450/kg filament ready to use might seem like a bargain. Obviously, it’s not for hobbyists.

I saw that whacky Portuguese guy make a Wankel engine that ran on air. He used a resin printer because it needed to be pretty perfect.Compressed Air Triangular Engine - Wankel Rotary (3D Printed) - YouTube .
I think it could be done on an FDM printer.