New all metal hot ends.

As the 3d printing technology evolves, why FFF should stay behind? Searching for 3d Printing accessories to order, i came accross to those two: Phaetus Dragonfly hot-end BMS | 3D Prima - 3D-Printers and filaments and Phaetus Dragonfly hot-end BMO | 3D Prima - 3D-Printers and filaments.

High temperatures up to 500 [SUP]o[/SUP]C and other interesting features.

That is interesting. I haven’t upgraded my hotend yet, and these ones do have some interesting features. I’m not sure what you mean by “FFF should stay behind”.

Yes right, i mean to stay unevolved.

If I understand, what you mean to say is FFF needs to keep advancing, keep developing, keep innovating. I totally agree. I think the next big leap is curvilinear printing, where the nozzle moves up & down to follow vertical curves of the model.

This is exactly what i mean! Curvilinear is tend to turn 3d printing from 2,5D to fully 3D with XY and Z axis moving simultaneously. After this, should involve other two axis A and B or C to deposit filament in five axis. Quite easy to do but i really don’t know if someone will provide it as a cheap kit and which brand will create a specific slicer …

One relatively inexpensive advancement just happened. It’s a printer that has a converyor belt for its print bed. It comes from Creality:


This is a cloned BLACKBELT!

I never heard of Blackbelt printers. Just looked them up. The Creality is quite similar. 'Course, there is 1 major difference: the price.


That is a bit of a price difference. I think I saw the prototype of this technology on 3d printing nerd at one of the shows he followed.

Yeah, I would say 9,000 Euros is a bit of a difference :slight_smile:

Such a price is totally forbidden!!!


I think the difference in price would have me (cheapskate that I am by necessity) look at the cheaper one first and then go see what the expensive one has to offer. I know this idea came from an American that was interviewed by Joel of 3d Printing Nerd two times if I remember properly.

Found another one: I sense this is going to become a big thing.

And a YT video of a really big one: [U]3D Printing With an UNLIMITED Z! - YouTube.

Here’s the Creality unit in action: [U]Unboxing the Creality CR-30 - Naomi Wu's #3DPrintMill BELT PRINTER! - YouTube

You found it in record time my dear Ender5r. You win a kewpie doll whenever I get around yo printing you one.

And yet another one, again: [U]- YouTube

I’m just wondering how you found this one in German. I can count to ten in a very bad German accent.

It’s on YT. I just searched for 3D belt printer.

You are getting old and sneaky just like me.