Conveyor bed printer - IdeaFormer-3D IR3 V1

So I came across this printer " IdeaFormer-3D IR3 VV" on social media ( [B][/B] ) and seen it available on Amazon ( [B][/B] )

It has a Conveyor belt and unlimited z axis. Has anyone used a printer like this? How would you even set up a 45° print in a slicer like cura? I know iv see 45° printers from creality in there c4 line but I’ve never seen one with a Conveyor belt. How do you guys think this would affect bed adhesion and bed temp? What are your guys thoughts on this?

I saw it a few weeks back and I wonder about all of that too.

Belt printers have been around for a while. Creality popularized them with the (comparatively affordable) CR-30. SainSmart also offers one. I don’t have a need for one but belt adhesion over time is one of my concerns. Check out this review of the CR-30: Creality CR-30 3DPrintMill belt 3D printer: What to know before you buy - YouTube


I think the idea is great, but what I noticed was the slicing software had a lot of Chinese buttons, and what about what they do. The software looked familiar but that was my concern. Besides, what about room, I do not have any. I would have to build on to my house. Ha! Ha!