Non-manifold errors from ITSLitho not fixable by MeshMixer

From the Dr VAX lithophane video, I got that I can avoid non-manifold errors by using ITSLitho. But, CURA reports errors. Ran the STL through Meshmixer with auto-repair, but still not fixed. Any ideas? I’m printing with the errors to see if maybe they’re too minor to worry about.

UPDATE: Created a lithophane in CURA by opening a PNG (no ITSLitho or Meshmixer involved), and it STILL reported non-manifold errors.

So maybe these error reports are spurious?

Very often they are spurious. I have printed successfully many models that Cura said are not manifold. Give it a try. If the model is large, scale it down in Cura to do a test print.

Thanks, Ender5r… I’ll see what the print looks like.