No flat sides

What do you try to get the bottom of your print to not be super flat on the bottom. Sometimes that is great but sometimes not. I use a glass bed and my prints sick well and have an almost glass finish on the bottom. But I have prints that I don’t want to be flat and as close in appearance as the top and sides. Most of the time I use a raft. Others I have actually printed an angle 30-45 degrees and use supports (floated the print off the bed completely). So again what tricks have you come up with get all sides of your prints to look as consistent as possible

If I read you correctly, you’re not actually asking to not have the bottoms of your prints flat; you are asking how to get them to not be so smooth. Is that correct? If so, I may have a suggestion.

I no longer use glass. I have switched entirely to PEI coated spring steel sheets. I got mine from AliExpress: [U][/U].

As you can see, it has a textured side and a smooth side. I have not yet tried the smooth side, but it doesn’t look to me like it would be as smooth as glass. If it is too smooth for you, maybe the textured side would work.

I love this printing surface. For 1 thing, it doesn’t require bed clips to hold it on.

My printer came with a magnet flex mat. Not metal. It lasted a good while but petg took its toll on it. I like the glass bed when I have a bottom stand up print. I will try this as a second option. How do go about something that has texture on all sides? Just curious how people go about it

I generally don’t worry about having the finish the same on all sides. While I am a visual person, I’m also a function-over-form guy (unless the form is the function, as with statuary). So, my primary concern in 3D printing is creating things that solve a problem or serve a specific purpose. E.g. I have yet to print a vase. Nor have I printed any flowers or characters like pikachu or Mario or amibo. Look through my posts in the Pictures of Your Builds forum & you’ll see what I mean.

Just use a raft. I used that for my RingLamp series ( ). The rings need to be flat and both sides are visible as it is a decorative item.

When using a raft both sides look more or less the same.