Lots of differences in support structures across different slicers

I’ve not had a Prusa printer. Does it have knobs under the bed to adjust the four corners? On enders, I’ve heard that the knob position can drift due to vibration and the spring loading.

If you end up sending it in, maybe you can make some “secret” marks in several places, taking pictures of each to document them. When it comes back, you can check for those marks to see what if anything they swapped out.

Nope, no decent adjustment possible. I wish! There is a solution as far as I can see, the Nylock method, but as it’s under warranty, I can’t do it, or my warranty is void.

Thanks for the tip! I was exactly planning to do just that, trying to make sure that I can spot it better that it gets swapped or not!

With a lot of fiddling, the use of Cura, I finally am printing what I had planned, wew. I really envy people who use them without even looking at them. Must be such fun. Mine fills up a swear jar in a week.

One more thing I noticed is that the printbed hates one of my favorite brands of PLA, one I used on Ender and Elegoo without any issues. Since I never have large quantities due to printing miniatures mostly, I did use it to print small items with it, but for larger objects, I had to revert to one of my other brands.

Taping the corner which detaches also works well. Basically, these 3 workarounds fixed 95% of my problems. Yet, I can never print without watching the first layer go down, like most people do.

I have to look into printing over 17cm high, as I get severe layer shifts starting at that height. I am currently not finding the courage to do so. I rarely ever print over that height. I am a bit fed up with plowing through yet another batch of websites and vids to do so. Maybe one of you has a tip for me, would be mush appreciated. Not that I am too lazy, but I have been problem solving 3 consecutive printers since 2021 and fed up at the moment.

Hub hates 3D printing with gusto, and he’s an IT expert. He just can’t believe why one print succeeds and the one after, identical, without any change in any setting or PLA fails. It drives him nuts, he says. He adds that if it were him, the printer would have gone right out the window and applauds my tenacity for trying to make it work. He loves the stuff I print a lot. Yep, but I did cry a few times, seriously, it’s draining and I feel like a firefighter, sigh.

All I read is that Bambu is a gamechanger. About time too that 3D printing improves! Several coworkers from hub who put their printer in the basement to gather dust because of the problems they had. All that fiddling should be done and over with in this day and age. A tiny bit of tweaking is fine, not a constant source of stress.

Which Prusa printer do you have? A Mk3+? If so, I’d return it and get a Mk4 as the Nextruder seems really good at producing good first layers. Do you have any pictures of a one layer thick test print?

For tall prints (>17 cm) the only non-model specific advice I have is to increase z-hop a bit to keep the nozzle from hitting the part during travel.


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Sounds super frustrating!

The Creality K-1 (which appears very similar to the Bamboo X-1 Carbon) looks quite interesting, too. I think there will be several more X-1 clones on the market by the end of the year, though I think it’s getting harder to clone these fancier machines than it was for all of the Ender-cloners. Duplicating the LIDAR-based scanning and stiff, yet lightweight moving parts will be more expensive to tool up. However it seems that Creality has done exactly that, and at a $599 price point for their smaller machine.

I keep thinking there’s going to be some bigger game changer blazing onto the scene “any day now”, which uses something more akin to ink jet printing. I know there are such products on the market already in the commercial 3d printing sector, but they are around $100k still. It’s probably a 5-years-from-now thing.

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Great tip! Thanks!

It’s an i3 Mk3+. How can I return it for a full refund? That window passed. It’s less than a year old, but that option existed under 4-6 weeks or so, as far as I remember. Refunds only when they can’t fix it.

I had an Ender which was completely bonkers after an ordinary blackout at only a few months old. Their helpdesk was utterly useless. Amazon refunded luckily. Never again will I buy anything from Creality.

Bamboo Labs hasn’t lost you yet. Give them time :wink:

Wishful thinking, lol.

I meant, “Give them time to lose you.” :smiley:

I meant that I am in desperate amorously addicted need for a better printer, lol, and I hope that Bambu would be it. I am careful and am waiting for version 2, meanwhile I watch tons of reviews, keeping my fingers crossed :crazy_face:

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Sorry, I was under the impression that the warranty period had not passed (i.e., you are establishing you have a “lemon” so that you can get a refund).

All printers have problems, even Bambu. As mentioned above, you might want to reconsider Creality’s K1 – a less expensive and open-architecture competitor to the P1P (which does not have the “LIDAR” of the X1C). The lack of a USB port on the Bambu is a big negative for me.


P.S. – What brands of PLA are you using? Perhaps, consider starting a new thread with pictures and maybe we can help get that Mk3+ up to snuff!

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