Logic probe

Hello everyone,

I’m new to FreeCAD and still navigating through its menu’s and options. I can make simple boxes easily but I’m pushing my limits right now trying to make case for a logic probe … well more like multi meter to compliment my classic LP10 probe.
Anyway what I’m trying to do is to have 2 clam shells that will be bolted together with 2 screws with a circuit board sandwitched inside. What I have so far is the center part with couple oppening on top half. The frustrating part I can not figure out is how to make the top where cable will enter and bottom part that will contain the test tip for the probe.
I tried lofting option for the tip but the problem is that the case is kind of eliptical and thats where I think the problem lies as it does not whant to link between the center part and the rounded half circle tip.
Not sure if it makes any difference but the model is layed out on YZ axis to make it easier and have it print on flat surface.

I welcome any suggestions how to make the outer parts of the probe

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dome2.FCStd (90.8 KB)

The main issue with lofting is that the number of lines must be equal at any point.

So if you create an elliptical sketch for the start you need to create 4 lines at the tip, too. The ellipse shape is two half circles and two lines.

A circle at the tip would only be one line. FreeCAD does not know how to create a shape when the number of lines is different. A square, for example, would work.

To create a semi circle, the best would be an elliptical shape, where you minimize the straight lines. e.g. constraining the length of the lines to 0.1mm or so.

Re-drew the cross sections for the ends and it worked perfectly.
Thanks for the help Geit

Glad it worked.