Issues with klipper and MoonRaker on win 11

Hello Everyone,
I have upgraded my Ender3S1Pro by installing A Sonic Pad. Initially I had a old dell computer running win 10 and cura 5.4 with the moon raker plugin and it worked flawlessly. I upgraded my computer and I am now have windows 11 and Cura 5.6 with the moonraker plugin and when I slice a model and send it to klipper it takes about 2 to 3 minutes for the sonic pad to show the thumbnail and for the printer to start the print job. Any Ideas as to why it takes so long for the sonic pad to respond? On my Previous setup running windows 10 the response was almost immediate. Thanks for any help.


It might be a long shot, but check the wifi antenna on both the router and the sonic pad. It might be just a coincidental problem with the win 11 upgrade