Ironing for smooth surface

Hi all

Just tried using the ironing feature in Cura. Surface is like glass. Works really good.
It does add a lot of time to the print.

Ironing feature??? Didn’t even know there is such a thing!!!

Yeah, it is there in Cura for a long time. Basically the nozzle is driving slower above the top surface to melt it extruding just a tiny bit to fill gaps.

It works great, but due to the slow movement it takes a while to finish a print.

There is also the opposite option, to make a textured outer surface, eg to make handles more grippy.

What is the opposite option called?

It is called “Fuzzy skin”. At least that was the name the last time I checked.

Funny thing. I tested the ironing stuff using the articulated butterfly DrVax was showing in his recent video. :smiley:

Chep made a video on this options 1.5 years ago:

Confirmed: it is called Fuzzy Skin. So we have Ironing & Fuzzy. The next thing will be Fuzzy Ironing… oh wait, I guess would be ‘normal’ mode :smiley:

Ironing is a nice feature that should be advertised more, imho. PrusaSlicer 2.3.0 (still in alpha) is implementing an improved version–along with paint on supports and paint-on z-seam alignment–that might make me switch! For more information, see: Releases · prusa3d/PrusaSlicer · GitHub.