I am going to give my ender 3 pro a torture test today.

I will attempt to print and assemble this Zombie Transformer. Transformable Zombieman for Halloween by Toymakr3d - Thingiverse . I read the comments to see if anyone else could do it and decided to give it a try. My son in law’s niece and nephew might like it if it works.

Good luck with it. Take pictures.

It is a big print because it has many parts but it seems to be printing well. I hope it fits together without too much work. I’m not great on finishing these complex jobs.

I would label all the bits as they come off the print bed – I find, for me at least, it makes it easier to find & put things together afterward.

I am doing that. Great minds think alike…fools seldom differ, or whatever the old saying is.

I am taking a break from my obstinate printer. The thread on the top of the hotend where the Bowden tube gets threaded in,lost it’s thread so I had to pool all my hotends to just change the top but then I had to change the bottom too, so then I broke the fiddly little thermistor they sell with these printers. I didn’t feel like it but it seemed like a good time to put in my new fan since I had to install my new threaded thermistor. Then I couldn’t connect the thermistor with the quick change socket I had because they weren’t the same. …So ask me why I am taking a break. Oh yeah suddenly I couldn’t turn on my printer. I gave up and decided I needed a break.

Oh, yeah. I know these chaining problems. To bad I can´t come over to assist. Not just because of Covid-19, but also the other distance with oceans involved :smiley:

Hey, it’s only a short drive over the ocean bottom – just hold your breath :smiley: :smiley:

I’ll send my private jet for you.