Help with Christmas Ornament Name additions

[IMG2=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“full”,“src”:“”}[/IMG2]I found this on Thingiverse - Anyone have any idea how to add names to the hats? Also, want to add animals and names someone maybe on the number 2. Help


What’s the link for the files.

You could import the stl file into Tinkercad and add the names

I imported the bar and added 1/4 to it


I tried doing that but the model is curved. I even tried putting in as a hole and the area lifted.

I tried a hole. Seemed to work


There is a way you can bend text around and emboss it, which looks more natural.

I think this is the video. Unfortunately it is in German.

But I guess it is helpful, as he usually explains it slow and shows different ways.

I haven’t watched the video, but the most common way I’ve seen over the years for conforming text to a shape is to draw a path for it to follow.

Try TinkerCad: tinkercad TEXT ON CURVED FACE - YouTube


YouTube has a number of videos on manipulating text using TCAD: [U]Putting Curved Text on a Ring in TinkerCAD - YouTube is another 1.