Garolite G10

Nice. You could always order some clips with smaller relief from Amazon. Also, if you really want to, you most likely could heat the clips with a butane burner, bend them narrower, then quench them in oil to set the size. MIght not be worth it considering the price of new clips.

I have some extras but I don’t think they can be bent enough to hold the 1/16" G10 to the heat bed. I did however find these on Amazon that are for the UM2 and are smaller than the Creality ones. I’ll know Tuesday when they arrive, assuming Amazon doesn’t drop the ball like they do sometimes.

Too bad it doesn’t say how big the gap is. Have you measured the total thickness?

This is from a different listing but I think it 's the same part


That’s a pretty narrow gap: might just fit the bill.

We’ll see Amazon now says they will be delivered today

The new smaller clips were delivered today. Out of the bag they were loose but with a little bending they seem they will work well. They are a little narrower than the Creality clips so less surface area holding the G10 down but I believe they will work just fine.
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Sovol SV04

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Ender 3 V2

Are you doubling up on the clips?

No the extra clips on the SV04 are the Creality clips that are bolted to the bed. I left them on in case I wanted to use the glass build plate.