G and M codes. What are they?

Here is a very informative link that explains the meanings of G and M codes were 3D printers as well as CNC milling machine ( actually they share the same Cartesian language as they are same in technology ) For some of us that likes to expand our knowledge on G coding.

I must learn about this.

I new that the difference between G and M was there. I considered G is more “Go/Physical Action”, while M is always more “Mode/Switching”.

Wasn´t aware that the G stands for geometry, but it makes sence.

And M stands for???

M-code, on the other hand, covers “miscellaneous” functions, though some also refer to them as “machining functions”. This includes, among other things, tool speed (e.g. of an extruder or spindle).

I copied and pasted that from the article.

thanks for the info.

Here is a good reference Gcode | Marlin Firmware
Many times you will see someones gcode - this will let you know what the command do