Fun Timelapses

Time lapse videos made with OctoLapse are pretty cool. Here’s a link to a guy who does a lot of them: [U][/U]

While OctoLapse videos are fun to watch the process impacts print quality so I would only use this approach for demonstration prints.

OctoLapse inserts g-code between layers to move the print head out of the way and then take a still image. The print head is then moved back to the prior position and continues. Depending on the material and your printing temperatures your print surface will start to cool while OctoLapse is taking the photo. The cooling impacts print strength and layer adhesion.

I fully agree these videos are fun to watch, however, I would not use this approach for any “production” prints.

You can disable the move to the side and have the tool head at different points within the picture. That way the printer does not need to
interrupt the actually print and the side effect has moved to the time laps and away from the print.

It does not look like magic anymore and is more realistic, which, for me at least, is fine.