Failed Print, What Happened?

So this print of mine just failed. I know the angle isn’t the best on the camera, but I was hoping for some to prevent it from happening again. I just replace the hot end yesterday and the previous print was almost perfect.

Looks like the wire harness from the X gantry hit the vases at the top and knocked them against the front ones like bowling pins. When the tool head moves to the right, the harness goes in a straight line and since your vases are very tall and the build plate is full, they get in collision with the straight line of the wires.

The bed adhesion is also an issue it seems. The front ones seem to get loose quite easy. This is why I prefer printing only one object at a time. As you learned by now, it is not faster to print all at once! :smiley: Nor saves it material and energy. I only use this with small objects taking only 30 minutes each, so I add 4 to 6 of them to generate a 2-3 hour print time.

When printing multiple objects the tool head needs to move between them. This may cause under extrusion, when retract not set properly. Even worst is when there is over extrusion. You really should enable z-hop, so the tool head is not moving directly over objects on the same layer and hitting bumps caused by over extrusion or lifting. With z-hop it lifts up before it moves to its destination, where it lowers before printing. This increases print time a little, but when there is a bump the tool head does not collide while performing a fast travel move.

nice wideo @Sirvini. It really helps make things clear.