FreeCAD Marble Maze Tutorial Goes Live

Folks, thanks for your help with this new video that is now live on YouTube:

[video=youtube_share;0C4TjrTPCHY]FreeCAD for Beginners | Design a Marble Maze - YouTube

The latest version of the model used in the video that is about 80% complete is attached. To complete this model I need to add the remaining constraints that position the holes and wall cuts and also add parallel constraints to all of the walls.


marble-maze-param-final-v4.FCStd (103 KB)

Watching right now.

Thanks for the credit. Perfectly spoken my nick :smiley:

Thank you for the excellent and insightful tutorial. This is a great alternative to OpenSCAD if you don’t want to learn the language.

Yeah. I am a software developer myself and I have trouble to imaging a real world object build using loops and commands.

OpenSCAD is got for simple things, but FreeCAD is way better and easier for simple things. :smiley:

I agree about visualizing 3D objects from openSCAD scripts. I think it helps if you’ve done a reasonable amount of programming in LISP. Many ‘normal’ programmers have great difficulty with LISP.

LOL, does not help. I wrote a complete LISP based interpreter/parser for your OS, which used to use LISP based scripts to install applications.

Does not help! :smiley:

I’m a bit surprised. It did help me. Interesting. I’m sure you agree though: LISP is a weird bird of a language :slight_smile:

Just finished watching the video well done and very informative. Now I need to finish the model so I can print one for my great granddaughter.

I just finished the video as well. Nicely done.