For Those Who Use Milk Frothers/Coffee Whips

Every day, for health reasons, I drink decaffeinated coffee with coconut oil, butter, & whole creme. Naturally, to get these oils to blend with the coffee, they need to be whipped at high speed (to emulsify the oils). Over the past few months I have bought 6 so-called coffee whips. These are devices shaped like a stick blender, but they have a circular coil of wire at the end of a thin shaft. It rotates quickly & whips the coffee. I’m sure you’ve all seen them.

Well, they have all died, a couple of them in less than a month. It was frustrating. I even contemplated designing my own that would last longer. I found what looks like a decent motor on Amazon, & I figured I would use two 18500 Li-on batteries in series to get 7 to 7.5 volts. It was going to be a pretty involved project. Then,

I was looking once again at the whips on Amazon & I found my answer in amongst the other items on the page: a Dremel Lite rechargeable tool ( Now, to be fair, the Dremel Lite did not come with a collet small enough to fit the whip from my dead Ikea coffee whip, but I had a 1/16" collet in my Dremel collection.

I don’t drink coffee, but I drink cacao and these devices are perfect to solve the cacao powder in milk without getting any chunks.

However for my task this works fine. I have a version from “Severin”, which works here for years. I put normal two AA rechargeable batteries in, which last about 5 month or so until they need a recharge.


I looked at that unit, but decided on the Dremel because it’s a known quantity: i.e. it’s a well-known company with a reputation for making high quality products. One factor I did not mention: I drink around ten cups of decaf coffee a day. I think that’s why the others died so quickly – I use them much more than most people use theirs.