Ender 7 Review is Live

Well, it was a lot of work, but in the end, I was impressed with the Ender 7. Spending $750 on a 3d printer is a personal choice, and you can indeed get a lot more features for this price than those included in the Ender 7. However, it is fast and built like a truck. It is not printing at 250mm/s, but in the review, you will learn the ins and outs of the printer and its actual speed.

I can see this printer as a good fit for print farms that need the 300mm height and faster production times.


[video=youtube_share;TKKCIE2vbDk]Ender 7 3d Printer Review. It's fast but how fast? How is the quality? - YouTube

P.S. The control board does have a plug for a BLtouch even though this model does not have one. The firmware will be the issue.

The firmware will be the issue.

Klipper to the rescue.

Great review Irv! Your going to need a bigger basement soon!

@JapanJim . I hear you. I started in a corner of my basement and then when I shared with my wife that I was going to need to rent an office for the MakeWithTech lab she agreed to sell the basement couch and give me the rest of the basement. I now have 10 3d printers in my basement and I have already given some away. As a reviewer, I accumulate quite a number of machines. Hopefully, I will be able to offer some of these post-review machines to the members of this forum in the future. The problem is that I do not always keep the original boxes as that takes a lot of space so I have to find a good way to pack them up for re-shipping.