Ender 3 Max-Homing Failed after BL Touch install

Hello everyone. I’m new to the forum but have been watching Dr Vax on YouTube for a long time. I recently purchased an Ender 3 Max after owning a Tevo Tornado for over 2 years. I’m having more challenges with the Ender than I expected. The stock glass bed is higher in the center and makes it impossible to level manually. I was sent a replacement but it has the same issue. To compensate I got a BL Touch and installed it. I don’t have one of these for my Tornado but I watched videos on installation and had no problems. However, sometimes, not always, I’ll get a “Homing Failed Please Reset” error. I figure out why, especially when it doesn’t always happen. Maybe an issue with the firmware that I got from the Creality website? I appreciate any insight. Thank you.

Had the same issue with BLTouch on an Ender 3 v2 my glass bed isn’t flat either. Had 2 BLT’s and issues with both of them finally gave up and bought a EZABL from TH3DStudio have had no issues with it.

Make sure that your BLT is perpendicular to the bed if not will cause issues.

I’m having the same issue with the Ender-3 Max and BLT. I may have to try the EZABL.