DirectDrive causing reduced print adhesion to PEI

Just installed a direct drive (Micro-swiss) onto my Ender 5+ with the goal to print with higher temps. Already successfully using Micro-swiss Hot end prior using PLA (6 months).

Having problems with prints not sticking to PEI though they stuck fine prior to DD install using PLA prior. With PLA after DD install they are not sticking.

I’ve adjusted the extraction distance to 1mm using the recommended slower 27 speed. BLTouch bed level confirmed. Nice bead size. PEI cleaned with soap and water and additional 99% Isopropyl.


Thank you, Phil

I would view this video and try the test square. I have found them very useful. I’ve linked the video to several other people in this forum who also seem to have found the technique useful:
[U]Best method for 3D printer bed levelling - YouTube

If you also switched to a Micro-Swiss nozzle and an all-metal hot end you will need to increase your print temperature by 5-20 degrees depending on the filament. If the filament is extruding at too low of a temperature it will not stick as well. I also upgraded an Ender 5 with the Micro-Swiss hot end and direct drive and love it. I find that using MagiGoo or Dimafix on the print surface makes everything easier. If you do not have any I would order Dimafix, it is less expensive, and you can control the stick by controlling your bed temperature. @Ender5r – I think you recommend Dimafix to me and I have not looked back.

I just went to Amazon to check the price of Dimafix and did a search. It showed me about 1/2 dozen different brands but not Dimafix. Wonder Why?

I purchased it at MatterHackers.

Thanks! I will check it out!

Yeah, Dimafix isn’t on Amazon but, like @Irv_Shapiro, I have not looked back since switching to it. I think it must be pretty close to the perfect bed adhesive. You can find the original thread in this forum here: [U]Bed Adhesion Alternative to Magigoo - MakeWithTech Community Forum

Thanks! I will watch!

Actually, with the install I assumed the BLTouch replacement would remain the same. What I discovered was the BLTouch was too high and I had to adjust the Z offset. Still not getting complete leveling since I can print on 2/3 of the large bed reliably.

Would you put Magigoo onto PEI?

As I posted above, I use Dimafix but, yes, I put it on PEI. I would do the same with Magigoo.

And, please, watch the video I linked to above by Hobby Hoarder on printing 30mm test squares. They are extremely useful for testing and setting bed tramming (leveling) and Z Offset.

Anytime you change the nozzle for work on the hotend you need to check th bed level and z-offset. 0.01mm can make a big difference in 3d printing

I would try increasing both your extruder and bed temperatures. All-metal hot ends often require higher temperatures.

Higher temperature extrusion will improve both layer adhesion and print bed adhesion at the expense of increased stringing.