Creality's free web based slicer

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Not entirely sure what Crealities goal is with this site. The 1 thing I can think of is that it’s aimed at people who are using things CromeBooks or other thin clients; basically computers with not very much horsepower. It might even be possible to use a browser on a Raspberry Pi that has a desktop installed.

But you can use Cura directly on a Raspberry Pi. In Fact the Pi4 is faster than the desktop computer I use and probably does not cause Cura to run in limited graphics mode. :smiley: There was a port somewhere and I tried it a few years ago. There was even a version embedded in OctoPrint (well, without the UI, so basically useless).

I think they want your data and in the end your models, too. Other company’s have their own “thingiverse”, where you select and print a model with just one click. They don’t provide the cloud for free, that’s for sure. Pulling people into their eco system is a way to do it and a slicer is the first step.

Look at Fusion360. Remember the fuzz happened when they restricted the free version? And now nobody cares and people still stick to it. Some started to pay. Goal achieved.

Lure them into your eco system and when they are in, raise the fence.

@Geit, I gonna ask you for some details about running Cura on a Pi please.

Well, I think there is still an old version of Cura as Plugin for OctoPrint. It wasn’t very good, as the UI lacks all the settings you all know when loading in a model. It was limited to some basic features. However there was a fully pledged version to install on Raspian. Not sure if there is still an ARM version.

Same goes for FreeCAD btw, which worked very well, too. So you probably can use your Raspberry Pi for all 3D printing related task.

Now that would be an argument for getting an 8GB Pi 4. I’ve never played with Raspbian. Have you used it and, if so, what’s it like? Is it any good IYHO?

It got renamed to RaspberiPi-OS AFAIK. It is a very quick and fast operating system. I have a Pi4 hooked up at my workspace running Kodi, but since it is a Pi you just need to replace the SD card to boot something else, I can use it differently. I have a multimedia keyboard connected to it for Kodi usage, so I don’t even need to change any additional hardware setup like keyboard/mouse.

The 8GB pi is perfect for this kind of job and basically only thing to convert the pi into a fully fledged desktop system. The 4GB version probably works, too. But more RAM is always a good idea to gain speed. Some USB3 to SSD adapter to boot from is probably the best accessory to increase the speed even more as SD cards are slow.

thx. Not yet, but sometime soon I will look into getting a Pi 4, probably with 8GB.

@Geit I’m off topic, but i’m interesting about KODI in RasPi4. How can i do this? I used KODI in my PC. I think it’s better to use it on my TV screen.

There are several distributions available. I use the one available here:

I am using Kodi and later libreelec since the first days of the Pi1. :smiley:

Currently (actually since September 2000) all plugins are kind of broken due to the lack of python 2 to 3 update. It was known for five years that in January 2021 python 2 would be abandoned and since python, but still only the Pi4 and some other devices are supporting the full Kodi experience again. So most plugins are currently not available or need to be installed manually from external sources. It is a fucking mess. :smiley:

This of course only effects additional plugins. The normal streaming from NAS or connected devices works fine on Pi4 already.

Installation is as easy as OctoPi. Write the image file and boot up the pi. done.

Thanks for the info! I’ll give it a try and let you know!!!