Best combo direct drive all metal hotend/extruder for Ender 5

As I learn more about 3D printing, I’ve come to see that there are several kinds of hotend/extruder setups, from the common Bowden Tubes with standard hotends to all metal hotends attached directly to extruders.

For the future, I’m wondering what people think is the best all metal hotend/extruder combo: one that would be the most capable of printing the widest variety of filaments, including very flexible ones?

For extruders, I’d look into the E3D Titan, or my favorite - a Bondtech BMG extruder. The Bondtech BMG has a dual drive, meaning that both sides pinching the filament have teeth that grab onto the filament, rather than just one pushing against a bearing. This increased grip really helps to have proper extrusion and ease to print with smaller diameter nozzles and flexible filaments. I’ve never had a skipping problem with the Bondtech. Both extruder makers have hotends that integrate directly with their extruder.