Audio DAC with Raspberry PI

This is a hybrid build of 3D printed parts and good old fashioned woodworking. I wanted an inexpensive audio DAC for my stereo. I used a Raspberry PI with an IQAudio Dac plus hat. I wanted to store the audio files on a HDD that i could remove easily for adding more audio files. I used Volumio software as the media server. Volumio is open source and free. Of course it can be finicky and has a pretty basic interface, but it works. Volumio can be fully operated from a mobile device, but I wanted to add a touchscreen so I could change tracks without the phone. I found pretty good technical instructions for the RPI at Core Electronics on youtube (

Attached are some pictures of the build parts, assembly and final product.
The first pictuce are the various printed parts. Clockwise from the upper left:

  Touchscreen Frame
  HDD holder
  Raspberry PI holder
  Protector plate for the touchscreen control board
  Back plate for the touchscreen frame

The next picture shows the inside assembly. I needed to keep the front and back open to get the electronics mounted.

After that is the back of the box. I was going to do the back in wood, but decided to use another 3D print so i could have some air vents but mostly to keep the back really thin.

Finally, the fully assembled dac on the top of the stereo.