Anycubic Mega S

For a starter machine, the Anycubic Mega S is a very good choice. Out of the box assembly is simple. It only requires you to attach the XZ gantry using eight screws. Once that is done, you plug in three connectors and it’s ready to be bed leveled.

I had it printing my first benchy on under 30 minutes.

Another point for it is the plethora of upgrades. For instance, the first upgrade was a set of snap in place wheels to make bed leveling much easier. The wheels were designed specifically for the Anycubic Mega series, not just the Mega S. For anti vibration, I printed out a set of feet designed fur use with 40mm squash balls. They also provide extra room for air flow under the machine. There are other upgrades that I’ve made to my machine, but that’s me.

It isn’t a perfect machine, by any means. It is a very good and easy to use out of the box set up.