Anycubic kobra 2 plus ploblems

hey peeps

I recently got a kobra 2 plus printer for my b/day setting it up was not to bad , I did a couple of test prints what came with the supplied memory stick no need for a slicing program right away no issues on the shark print …but then when I tried to print the dinosaur I got a layer shift (which was due to the print moving ) but it did finish…so now I tried some prints that I downloaded from thingaverse, but first I had to set up a slicing program so I installed Cura, but my printer wasn’t in the drop down list so I looked online and what I gathered was to use the viper setting as it was the newest at the time. I input the build plate dimensions temperatures of nozzle and bed , renamed it to Kobra 2 plus and I was good to go or so it seemed … I did the auto bed level got the printer up to the required temps using sunlu pla+ (hotend 200 bed 60) and here’s my first problem the nozzle seems to put the very first test bit of filament right on the edge of the build plate or it misses completely Nope not having it the print starts of great with a skirt or raft but that’s as far is it gets then it fails right off the bat also the print is not in the middle of the build plate it seems to be over the the left or right and it doesn’t stick to the bed (I bought some primafix to see if that helps with adhesion )

so if anybody knows how to sort my problems and the correct settings for the Kobra 2 plus I wold be grateful

It seems that you have bed dimensions which are not correct for your printer, causing the print head to position itself too close to the print bed edge. In Cura ver 5.6 there is an option for a Kobra plus. perhaps this will have closer dimensions than the Viper that you have used. You mention auto bed levelling but have you manually levelled first ensuring that the Z height for the nozzle is correct? Finally, I have not used the sunlu PLA+ but 200 deg C seems a wee bit low. I set my eSun PLA+ at around 210 to 215. May be worth playing around with temps.
Hope some of this helps - stick at it as you will get there in the end and the hobby is so rewarding…don’t be deterred by a few early setbacks.


I agree that the Machine Settings sound off. Can you post a screen shot of that page? And, can you also post your start g-code?

Poor bed adhesion can have several sources. Be sure the bed surface is clean as things like fingerprints interfere with the print sticking to the bed. I’ll clean mine with Isopropyl alcohol and a lint free cloth. Others use Dawn and rinse off in the sink. Another possible problem is not enough “squish” of the first layer. In other words, the z-offset could be too large. From what I’ve read, your printer is supposed to set this value automatically. To check this, print 1-layer-thick squares (typically 5 squares: one in each corner and one in the middle) and visually inspect the uniformity of the lines of the printed plastic. More guidance and instructions can be found at this website by Teaching Tech.

Sunla recommends PLA+ hotend temperatures of 210°C - 235°C so 200C sounds too cold.

FWIW, I typically print the first layer at 65C with the remaining layers at 60C, and a first layer 0.3 mm high to promote adhesion (for new filaments). Also be sure the first layer print speed is slow; I’d start at 30mm/s and work your way up. Once parts stick to the bed, be sure to print a temperature tower as Cooperman says.

Let us know how it goes!


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