Add Tension Adjust Screw on Odin-5 F3

Fokoos Odin-5 F3 works great out of box, but extruder tension is tight for TPU.
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It is possible to add an adjustment screw, small plate, and lighter spring for adjustable tension. Idler frame ia already tapped for M4 screw.
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Original spring looks like a yellow bed spring but much smaller. It measures 15.7mm L, 7.7mm OD, compressed force of 2,200g.
I made spring using 0.9mm music wire. It has compression force of about 1000g.
My plan is to change out for TPU, as needed. It only takes 4 screws and a couple minutes.



To me, that’s quite a bit of work but, if it works for you, go fer it my friend. :slight_smile:

It was all fun, it took longer to write post. To save time, having adjustment is not necessary, just a lighter spring, that would save a few minutes. I researched off the shelf springs at Mc Master Carr, #8969T751. It is slightly stronger, with 1mm wire instead of 0.9mm. I have not ordered yet, waiting to place a larger order, to help reduce shipping cost.