3D printer utility

I just watched a new video where you reviewed a very interesting 3D printer. If I was new ( actually I am relatively new ) and looking for a very good printer, I would take your advise and purchase it. However, what I am really commenting on is the 3D printer utility (3d-printing-utilities ) that you commented on. The utility looks very interesting, but I got a message that my browser did not support an important feature. I use Pale Moon as a browser and resort when necessary to Firefox. The only browser I found that the utility would work in was Chrome. That is a disappointment for me. I do not trust Chrome for several issues.

NOW! You did a very good job on this utility and I am very grateful that you have taken so much time to support all of us that follow you in this forum. Please accept my gratitude!

I don’t use or trust Chrome either I clicked on the link with Sarfi and the center section of the page was blank but if you clicked on the items down they left side they would work. Try this site it has all the same tools and then some. He also has a YT channel by the same name. https://teachingtechyt.github.io/calibration.html