What Filament Dryer Do You Use?

The heated filament dryers available all seem to suffer from one defect or another – mostly uneven heating in the box. What solutions do you use to dry and print hydroscopic filaments?


I use a cheap Amazon food dehydrator.

I’m using this food dehydrator it will hold 2 rolls of filament. I had a Sovol dryer that lasted one use and shorted out. So I went with the food dehydrator instead.

That looks like 1 of the dehydrators where you have to cut out the center part of each layer.

It is but that isn’t that hard of a job. I ordered a cabinet type but it was to small to hold a roll of filament but the price was right I didn’t want to spend over $100 for one.

I have 2 flip-top type dryers that hold the spools vertically.

This just came up in my YT feed. Built a sealed cabinet to store his filament and then took a mini frog and made it into a dehumidifier.

ah, a mini fridge. I was wondering how a frog could do that :wink: Anyway, interesting project. My vacuum tubs with silica gel seem to be able to get down to 10%. I’m happy with that.

How much silica are you using in each container. According to Dry & Dry for 4L you would need about 2.5 grams which doesn’t seem to be very much at all.

I think I previously linked you to the thread where I posted about them, but this is the container I use:

They’re 40mm diameter, 80mm tall. I fill them with silica gel. I’ve never measured the weight. I’m using orange-to-dark-green/blue gel. I keep fresh gel in 1 mason jar and dump stale gel into another. I bake stale gel for 1 hour on a cookie sheet in a 230F/110C oven to refresh it.

I did see those when you linked them before and also checked out the thread where you talked about them. Size wish I figured your spool containers were close to the same size as the ones I just bought. Mine are 4L or 135 oz. I started to use the loose silica gel but decided to use the packets for Dry & Dry it’s the same gel you use but in little see through packets. they are 5 gram packets I’ll probably start with 2 in each container and see how it goes. Got some small round hydrometer to put in each container.

Is anyone concerned about becoming a little bit anal about 3d printing?

I believe it is as much an art as a science. Just like Vax.

I build my own filament dryer:


I don’t really think so. I don’t fuss over my procedure. I got the tubs, bought the silica gel, designed and printed the containers. Now, I just use them. Once in a while I bake some stale gel in the oven. It really doesn’t take up much time or impose on my procedure significantly.