Warm to hot

Hi all, another question in my learning curve to printing, I finished a 22 hour print last night, the stepper motors, were quite warm, you could touch them, but they were fairly, would not say hot, but warm to hot, is this normal and are they designed for this, I was printing in an enclosure, bed temp 85, Thanks Andy

It is normal. Usually the extruder is the hottest motor as it resided in the top of the printer, but in general a metal frame acts as a heat sink.

The motors can take that.

Totally agree. For 1 thing, under normal circumstances, even while the hotend is standing still the X, Y, & Z motors are still working. What I mean is, they are ‘station keeping’. That’s what the resistance is if you try to move the axes. As a test, compare how resistant the axes are to being moved when the printer is powered up & ready to print vs when it’s powered off.