Settings for a smaller nozzle

I’ve only used the .4 nozzles. I read someplace to make jewelry on a 3D printer I should use a smaller .2 (?) nozzle. I’m using Cura 4.7.1. Assuming PLA, what settings in Cura do I need to reset to account for the smaller nozzle? I also assume, if I change the nozzle size the math behind this giving the proper amount of plastic is calculated automatically. Is this correct or do I need to look at other settings? Is PLA good for small size nozzles? Something better?

Thank you, Phil

I’ve been interested in smaller/larger nozzles than the standard 0.4 mm. Here is one of the videos i’ve collected: 3D Printing with Extremely Fine Nozzles - YouTube


Very interesting. Thanks for the link.

I have been thinking about trying other nozzle sizes but have only done it by accident a couple of times with the expected wrong results. I blame my old worn out orifice gauges. Must buy a new set. I at one time used to make my living making costume jewellery in Spain and then later in California.

I have been thinking about trying some printed stuff but haven’t tried it yet. I would be interested to see your results. Post some pics when you are done and tell us how you did it.

Then I can be lazy and and just pick up where you left off.