SD format software

I remember Irv mentioned a good software program to format SD cards. Does anyone know what software he recommended?
I can’t re member what video it was on.

Just use your operation system for that.

As long as it is FAT32 you are good to go.

If your SD Card is to big, windows no longer provides the proper option, as FAT32 can only address 4GB (hence the 32). However, windows starts way earlier suppressing the FAT32 option, thats why those tools became popular.

You can use bigger SD cards, but they need to be partitioned (I guess most printers will not support that) or tricked. You can for example create an image from an existing 2GB FAT32 card using “Win32DiskImager” or what not and then write the file to your 8 or 16GB card. For the printer this will result in a 2GB card.

Just don´t mix the FAT32 file system with ExFAT, which is the latest version and completely incompatible, but without restrictions.

“Win32DiskImager” can probably format cards in the required format, too. But that is just a guess as I did not use Windows for stuff like that in years.

@Irv_Shapiro recommended the Raspberry Pi Imager which can also be used to format SD cards

Thanks @Irv_Shapiro