Retraction when Switching Extruders

One of the challenges with IDEX 3d Printers is that the inactive nozzle oozes filament since it is still hot. If you cool it off then it takes time to reheat it and it oozes filament when reheated. A number of strategies are used to address this issue they include retraction of filament in the inactive extruder/nozzle, a wipe wall that surrounds the entire model, and a wipe tower. I tried a couple of different approaches highlighted in this photo:

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I look forward to hearing what works for you. In this example, I did mix apples and oranges a bit since the print with the wipe tower also had the most retraction. All of these prints were sliced with ideaMaker.

Will be watching these threads with a great deal of interest as I am designing a way to convert my Tronxy to IDEX. Right now am in the design process and gathering pieces parts.
Looks like a whole new learning process on my end.

How fortuitous of you to start a thread for this. I was just about to post about it in my JG Maker Artist D printer review thread.

Anyway, here are a couple of photos of a model I’ve been using to test 2-color dual extrusion:

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As you can see, I used a skirt & a Prime Tower. Here are the Cura settings:

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I will post the photos, with other details in the JG Maker Artist D printer review thread.



Love the mad scientist sign. Thanks for sharing your settings.

I am wondering if TPU can bond with PET-g or PLA. Makers muse did a review on a IDEX printer and he did a neat wheel with a tpu tire and a PLA (I think) rim. It seemed well bonded. Huge IDEX 3D Printer - Copymaster 300 V2 Review - YouTube

I just posted a video to the channel about designing signs with text in FreeCAD. Did you use FreeCAD for your Mad Scientist signs?

Hi @Irv_Shapiro. Actually, that particular sign is from thingiverse.