Artist-D - Issues printing dual color using Cura

Hi everyone!

Glad to have found this forum!

Short introduction of myself on 3d printing. I’ve been 3d printing and 3d modeling since 2012 and you can consider myself and enthusiast as I’ve used 3d printing mainly as a personal hobby. I’ve tinkered and modded in the past a UMO, UM2+ (for dual extrusion), and and Ender 3 Pro. I’ve also been printing with resin.

It’s my first time though to get a IDEX printer and thought that my experience with dual extrusion and 3d printing in general is sufficient enough to troubleshoot and fix the issues I’m having with the Artist-D Pro. I guess not!

Nways, I have a lot of issues and hope anyone who happens to have the same printer is able to help.

  1. Cura prime tower
    I’m surprised to see that prime towers in Cura are now hollow tubes and no longer rectangular solid towers and the problem with the tubular towers is that the other extruder will print in the center causing the filament to fall impacting structural integrity of the prime tower.

Question: Is there a way to make the tower solid for both extruders?

  1. Wipe Inactive Nozzle on Prime Tower setting
    In spite of being disabled for both extruders, I notice that the parked extruder would go on top the printed part and would pause there before doing what seems to be wiping on the prime tower. This action contaminates the printed part with the other color as a result.

Question: Is there a way to turn off this behavior?


Hi trmoti,
I have the Artist-D pro and I have done very little two color printing and I have never needed a prime tower. I have done a white and red candy cane, and I was well pleased with the results. It was already set up off of thingaverse for an IDEX printer. I did mod a Christmas tree which was not set up for an IDEX printer by using the post processing function in Cura. There again there was not a need to use a prime tower.