Re: You Tube video "3d Printing Tips for Beginners and Experts"

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Re: You Tube video “3d Printing Tips for Beginners and Experts”

I thought for my first post I’d introduce myself and express a opinion in relation to the above mentioned video.

I have made the decision to buy my first 3D printer.
An Ender 3 V2
I ordered it last week (Wednesday) along with a selection of PLA in various colours. ( Bulk buy deal)
It was in stock and both were shipped the day I placed the order.
Can you believe it?
The filament turned up on Thursday and the tracking tells me that the printer is 10 kilometers from my home but here it is Sunday and I’m still waiting. ( No deliveries on weekends in Australia).
I’m frustrated but I can see the so called funny side.
I have 5 rolls of filament in pretty colours … and no printer yet.

The point of this post is in response to the discussion about thecontinued benifits / need for beginner videos.
I have been researching 3D printers for some time.
I enjoy that process in anything I buy.

A couple of years ago, an Ender 3 (my preferred model at the time) was about AUD $500 delivered in Australia.
That was more than I was prepared to shell out for the platform for a hobby. ( I fully understand that I will put more into it and I’m fine with that but that entry price point was too much for me.)
Last week the E3 V2 I ordered was AUD $296.95 + $14.95 delivery.
Which is much more affordable for me.
I feel although I have not 3D printed one thing, my research has made me fairly knowlegable in the process.
I’m a retired Automotive Mechanic/ Coal Miner.
I have a good technical brain, I problem solve well (usually).
My point is, coming from someone who technically IS a beginner but who has a good understanding of the concepts, even of the more technical side, I thought the comment about not posting new “beginner” topics was not one that I subscribe to because things are changing… as I look over the way that things have changed over the last 2 years there is a wealth of information that is “basic” but different to what was published a couple of years ago.
There is also the adage that “a little knowledge is no weight to carry”
Irv, personally I’d be happy for you to continue with the videos in the ways that you are doing them asyou feel the need to do so.
Well, thats just my $0.02.
All the best,

Welcome Paul. You certainly sound like a guy who like to plan. That should help you a lot with 3D printing. Of course, not everything will go perfectly, but you should have a good amount of knowledge to tackle issues as they come up.

I totally agree with you, Paul. All the videos that I watch that DrVax makes are great and I have enjoyed them all. I started 3D Printing almost 3 years with an Anycubic Kossel Dela printer then about a year later I got a Geeetech A20M. There is not one video for beginners (even Now) I don’t learn or re-learn something from them. I am at the age that I learn things three and four times. Thanks, Erv for your dedication to our hobby and for helping me stay active. BTW I just got my third printer (Ender 5+).

Steven Arkon
(AKA) SArkon