How to Buy a 3d Printer

After creating over 150 videos, with over 2.5 million views, more than 40,000 subscribers, and a wonderful group of folks sharing what they know on this forum, I have learned a lot. In this video, I try to sum up key points to help viewers learn a bit about 3d printing and assist them in purchasing a new 3d printer.

Please share this video with everyone you know. This video is a good way to introduce your friends and family to 3d printing so they have some idea what you are talking about all the time. ?.

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I have been debating on dipping my toe in the water of 3D printing for several months. My motivation is primarily I like to make stuff and learn new things. I had convinced myself that going cheaper and starting with and Ender 3 was the way to go. This video is helping me re evaluate the choice. I am realizing I more interested in investing the the design phase and just getting the item printed. Tinkering and upgrading can come later, i need an easy way to start. So based on the input from the video, spending more and going the the Prusa seems to fit the bill more to my requirements. As a newbie, i welcome any comments or food for thought before i make a final decision.

I personally recommend getting a full kit. I, myself started with an AnetA8 back then.

Having a kit you learn to assemble each screw and each part. It is inevitable that you need to repair your printer in the future. Many people end up frustrated because they have no clue on how to fix stuff as they never assembled the printer.

You say you like to make stuff. So get a cheap kit and build it. Later on you can print parts to make your printer better and better. The result will be the same as spending a huge amount of money for a ready to run printer.

Over the years I enhanced my printers and I still use them. The A8, as well as my TronXY X5 which I bought second hand and repaired/enhanced due to the knowledge I build up using the A8. In total I payed less than 300 euro for both printers. Of course I spend some money for enhancement parts, but I still spend far less money than getting the printers pre assembled.

I do not disagree with @Geit at all. That said, if I won the lottery I think I would buy a really high end, enclosed printer that more or less takes care of itself. I say more of less because I don’t believe there’s any such thing as a printer that doesn’t need maintenance. But, I think it would be nice to have 1 that requires a lot less.