Pictures of Voronoi Deer

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These are prints I did of Voronoi deer:

I did them with these parametrers:
layer height 0.2
initial layer height 0.25
Line width 0.4
Infill none
supports none
flow 120%
initial temp 220
running temp 210
adhesion raft, 18 lines
filament color dark yellow
filament brand Ranki
filament type PLA

There was a lot of stringing on antlers.I placed an inch ruler so you can see size.
I really like doing this kind of prints (Voronoi). I think they are very beautiful.
On another note . . . They would make a beautiful silver or gold plate model.
I saw somewhere where you could buy conductive filament.

@Lowteck, you might follow @Irv_Shapiro’s advice: use a heat gun for, like, 3 seconds to get rid of angel hair stringing.

As you know I’ve been learning to plate plastic and other things. I am trying to imagine your deer electroplated. I am having troybke with my camera/cel phone but I think this pic shows a bit of the difference. I have been plating failed prints etc to see what I can do playing with various solutions.

I found my heat gun, it was only 3 feet from where I have my Artist-D. I dug it out from under everything and plugged it up. I was very pleased!

So it worked well?

I used it on the deer antlers and some small circular Christmas tree earrings and it only took a second or two. Problem that I saw was to blast the hot air before you break them from the bed.

Interesting observation. Good advice.