New Turnmaster 10" Lathe All Set Up

I have been turning pens and bottle stoppers on a PenPal 5" lathe for over 3 years. It was time to upgrade so I could turn bowls and full-size candlesticks with my kids (all grown, my youngest is 30) and grandchildren. I mounted the pen lathe on the wall as it only weighs 15 lbs and vibrates very little, and put the new 70 lb 10" lathe on the cabinet. Here is a picture.


While both lathes go to the same speeds, the PenPal is basically set up for 1000 to 3000 RPMs which is great for pens. The Turncrafter has two options, which require different belt positions, 500-1800 RPMs, and 1000-3500 RPMs. My thought is to use the PenPal for higher speed polishing of pens and keep the big lathe set to the slower speed. Time will tell. It only takes about 5 minutes to switch the belt on the Turncrafter, but it is 5 minutes.