New 3D printing method that needs no support

I noticed this article about some research using thermoset polymers (e.g. epoxy is a thermoset polymer) to do 3D printing. What’s amazing is that you can often print without support, and also (I think) it doesn’t even require a heated nozzle.

Check this out (there’s a cool video here too):

Very interesting! Thanks for posting this!

Be interesting to see what special equipment, and cost of equipment and material. Also, when it will be available to the public.

I wouldn’t expect anything in the next few years.

I think it’s still in the research stage. You know how universities work - they do some research, someone earns a master’s degree from it, then it’s just a paper for someone to exploit later, unless there’s a patent, generally owned by the university to provide them with some income. But at least the idea is out there, if not the exact formulation of the polymers. The full paper is available for some $, unless you have a membership already.