Lost in the wilderness

So just tried to post something , How to delete a line, and have no real clue as to how to use this , or any other forum, other than try it till I break it. I tried searching the wiki site and using the word erase , delete and a few other words I can not use here. But I could not find an index of all of the commands so I could search that way.
I taught skiing for 35 years, among other things, so I know from first hand experience what frustration can look like.
So right now just two questions, how to delete and where is a list of commands! Thanks , and for you skiers I think I will take a free run ! Darn no snow yet.

Hello wally, and welcome to the forum. I am an administrator on another forum and I do not know of a set of commands like you are looking for. If you state what you are looking to find, I am sure someone will help you and point you to a link inside this forum. I see this is your first post, you did a great job of asking a question. It is done just like that. You can also read posts here and get a world of information, even if it is not your printer they are talking about. Basically they all work the same way and a lot of parts from one will fit on another. Then you just have to set the new part to work with your printer you placed the part on. There are also a ton of you tube videos on 3d printing.The owner of this site has a hundred or more, they are worth watching. There are also many others doing the same. Enjoy the videos!

Thanks for the answer Lowtech!
With the help of a friend who used to teach Auto Cad I found this out:
Mouse to the line you want to delete, a white line as I have not customized Free Cad.
The line changed to yellow and I left clicked on it turning it one shade of green.
I then right clicked and a window opened up with the DEL symbol at the bottom and the line was gone.

Ironically I just tried that on my saved drawing and as the shape is now a completed “path” I deleted the whole thing not just the segment I had clicked on.
So more to learn!

Want to get Free Cad down before I invest in a printer and the longer I wait the cheaper and better they will become! I Hope!
Now have to figure out what 9 degrees of freedom means … did not know Yoga played into Free Cad too.

@wally, I, and I think @Lowteck, were confused by your 1st post. I thought you were asking about the software that runs this forum. You didn’t mention FreeCAD anywhere in the post. And yeah, in most CAD programs all you do is put your mouse cursor over the object you want to select then click the left mouse button. From there, you often have multiple options. In this case, you found the right-click menu, but I believe you can just hit the Del key on your keyboard as well. Try it to make sure.

Yes trying to figure out how to post to the forum and edit drawing at the same time. Juggling to many things and not thinking of one then the other.
It is now three hours later, wow, and have only been able to connect two lines to one another. Now how to trim them down and connect them to the hub of my “wheel” !
Rather be skiing…

Sorry I misunderstood what you were asking in your first post. Here is a video on freecad you can follow and learn from by DrVax, IrvShaperio the owner of this forum:

It had you confused. Imagine our confusion :smiley:

Listen, when it comes to FreeCAD, YouTube is your friend. There are a ton of tutorial videos, including some from our own @Irv_Shapiro (DrVAX). Just go to the MakeWithTech channel

Hi Ender5r !
Yes I agree there are tons of videos out there.

I just spent 20 minutes looking for one of the first Dr VAX videos and finally found it, Free CAD for Beginners | 3d Printing | Basics.

Is there a way to list the videos in some kind of “do this first order” and / or subject so I can proceed in some sort straight line through at least Dr VAX to the creation of Make With Tech?

Editing this as I go I see that the beginners videos are the on the far right and I start looking from the left , guess its my A,B,C reading from left to right that got me! plus I never thought of playlists!

I have two videos open the one from Aug 12 202 talks about Free CAD Installation and Initial Setup ( which I did not see first) and the one I am looking at now Free CAD for Beginners | 3d Printing | Basics is from July 1 of 2020

I can not tell you where I got my F C download but sure wish I had seen the Aug 12 2020 one and gone that route! Yes I did make my F C look like his just to make life easier

Edit again I downloaded this about 2 weeks ago and after seeing stuff a friend had 3d printed and thought wow that is neat. Kind of learned to ski the same way , went to the top of the hill and darn near killed myself. THEN took lessons and took up teaching skiing , like I hope the videos will do for FC.

Granted I do not know how my browser defines it searches but could there be a “tree” set up in the forum showing the a logical path through the list of videos? As you can see date order will not work. Hopefully more “beginner” videos will be wedged into the 13 that already are there. I just sorted the play lists and “beginner” moved from 6th to 10th!

I really did not look at Free CAD for Beginners | 3d Printing | Basics because I am not, currently. interested in 3d printing at this point of my learning curve. So never thought to go to that video!

I have now gone and found the 13 "Beginners videos " and being a visual person I saw Dr Vax in the black shirt and did not associate that video with Irv in his striped or his Cubs blue shirts!

next project is to figure out my “full constrained edit edge colored circle” will not attach to my white line so I can create a fillet! Wish me luck!

What is the difference between the Blue part Design in the pull down menu and the yellow “stairs” that says create a new part and make it active when you mouse over it? newer version?

I’m not too familiar with FCAD any more as I’m using Fusion 360, but what I do remember is that there are quite a number of workbenches. Each 1 specializes in 1 aspect or another of CAD. Maybe that’s what you’re referring to?

You are most likely right as I never thought about the different benches. I am trying to look at a different video on a daily basis. Trying to keep myself as confused as I can!
But I am picking small things up as I go I now know that the object that I am trying to sketch is only missing 4 constrains but that is down from 13! And I figured out where spirals are located but can not get them to work in my sketch. I am becoming more dangerous to myself everyday.