Looking for some JGMaker help

I love this forum and have gotten some relevant help (Particularly with my Anycubic printers), and am going to stick around for sure.
One thing though. There doesn’t appear to be too many around with a ton of current experience with the Artist-D If you have run an Artist-D you know why there are not as many fans as some other printers).
Does anyone know of any other forum I could add to my list that has more advice to give regarding this particular printer and all it’s quirkiness?

My experience with the JGMaker was quite mixed. I reviewed the Artist-D when it first came out as a Kickstarter project, and unfortunately, it has sat in the corner of my lab since then.

While I found the concept of IDEX very interesting, and I thought it had great potential, the extruder design gave a lot of people trouble. It appears several tradeoffs were made in the extruder and fan designs to save money.

I have not had the time, but people looking to get the most out of their Artist -D have generally replaced the hotend/direct extruder – which is quite complex.

I think the best place for support and help about the Artist -D is Facebook. Here is a link to the company-provided user group: