Klipper Installation on Netbook PC Tutorial

This post is about installing Klipper on netbook, as alternative to Raspberry Pi. A netbook has a few advantages over using typical Raspberry Pi. A netbook provides LCD screen and touch pad for KlipperScreen, and desktop OS provides simpler user install path for non Linux users.

Here is a list of steps, with sources used for install:
Do this at own risk. Back up PC to save all important user files.

  1. Download Raspbian Desktop PC OS.
    Raspberry Pi Desktop for PC and Mac – Raspberry Pi
    Raspbian Lite is often used on Raspberry Pi, so it is compatible for installing Klipper system. Also from same site download Imager, it is an application that places iso OS on bootable SD or USB drive. Follow directions found at Raspberry-Pi site.

  2. Install Kiauh, a Klipper install helper.
    GitHub - th33xitus/kiauh: Klipper Installation And Update Helper
    Follow instructions at above site. At top of page is a bunch of project files, ignore those, go down to Installation. There are three important command scripts, copy those and use in terminal window to download, install, and run Kiauh. Kiauh helps with install of Klipper, and other related apps. I installed Klipper, Moonraker, MainSail and KlipperScreen.

Advanced selection was used to make Klipper firmware for my printer control board. My application was for Robin nano V1.2. Research on web was helpful to find bootloader offset, and other special setting to make printer firmware, rename, and load to SD for flashing. This is going to vary with your particular control board. Doing this wrong can brick control board by over writing bootloader. Fixing that may require a programming dongle, finding source for original bootloader, and much more technical apps and skills.

  1. A USB cable connects notebook to printer. Under Kiauh Advanced selection, read MCU id is used to find communications port name used by printer. That id, must be copied to serial: section of printer.cfg found in folder home>printer_data>configs>.
    Sample printer.cfg files are found here:
    Example configurations - Klipper documentation
    These files are suggested examples, but likely need changes for your printer and modifications such as different extruder, adding bed probe … Incorrect setting may damage printer, or worse.

Installation worked, but a few install failed in download of files do to server timeouts. Retries worked. There are many pieces of software, and hardware to make Klipper work. I am most interested in evaluating Klipper features with development hardware in this post. Unusual Upcycle Pen Plotter
It is up and going, but much more exploring to do …

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I forgot a couple details about the install. How to add cursor in KlipperScreen, and how to use a browser on networked PC to operate Klipper via Mainsail.

KlipperScreen cursor is off by default, because touch screens are most often used. When a touchpad netbook is use, cursor must be on. Similar to printer.cfg, there is a KlipperScreen.conf.

I created top two lines in KlipperScreen.conf, the system added comments in file after first use. Text case in file and name must be as shown. Note screen shot shows file structure.

IP address is easily found in KlipperScreen by navigating to System>Network. Enter IP in another networked PC, Mainsail will start and enable printer control.
Screenshot 2023-08-11 09.32.25

Netbook is shutdown by navigating to System, from there are options to Update, Refresh, Restart, and Shutdown.