If anyone can explain to me why this happens.

I was printing and congratulating myself on how well everything was working and then suddenly the printer started printing what it was supposed to print in the wrong place. I’ve heard this described before by the gurus on youtube as some kind of shift and I have experienced it before but I would just like to know what causes it. To me it seems like a gcode glitch.

I had this happen exactly once. It was after a power fluctuation. The printer tried to resume the printer, but the X and Y coordinates were off, so it got it wrong. I don’t think it’s really a gcode glitch as much as a failure of the printer to rehome the axes before trying to resume to print. Of course, there is the possibility that trying to home the Z axis could cause the hotend to bang into the print, but I can’t think of a reason why at least the X and Y couldn’t be homed.

This was printing parts for my lamps that I now need to make for everyone I know. Too bad it wasn’t a business. I had successfully printed many times with the same gcode.

The answer to power outages is a UPS. I use this one: [U]Amazon.ca

Please note: since you’re in Canada, I went to amazon.ca ?

It is not like it is a constant problem but it does hit me regularly but I am not well funded. I have to very seriously think about whatever I do and how much it will cost and is it worth it.

But I thank you for your input. When I lived in St. Barthelemy FWI it was of great concern power surges and I have actually felt them more here lately than ever in the last 20 years.

I must add that lately even though we have one of the cheapest and best power suppliers in the world things have been happening and I have no idea why. My computer shuts off and I have to reset everything frequently. After 20 years here.

Sounds more & more like you need a UPS.

I would agree with you now but not in the last 19 years I’ve lived in this apartment that I inherited from my son. He and his wife lived here two years before me and our friend lived here before them. So it has been in the family for many years. I have never had such internet interuption in years as I do now nearly daily. I have no idea why.

Hydro Quebec is a really big company and it sells a lot of electricity to the USA. We should have free electricity in my view. But it has been very good at maintaining service. Quebec is 3 times greater than France. I had a transformer blow out in front of my place and we were something like 12 hours without electricity at =20C. But they came and changed the transformer while I watched them and wondered what I would do if they all screwed off home. But they did it. In my mind these guys are heros.

I always use PS with the higher Wattage available to cover all power needs the printer or CNCMC’s. If a PS “ages” , then the power it supplies is lower than printer needs to function properly. A proper PS is a must on!

If I were printing anything important and had more than one little printer I would agree with you. But I do not.

Why? All electronics are Made in China and this means that expires sooner. Check the PSU.